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The Cannabis Health Index Aims To Be a Bible of Medical Marijuana
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Kiva Confections News – Cannabis Health Index Review
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9 Way to Deepen Healing with Cannabis and Consciousness

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Medical Marijuana-Cannabis Shamanism

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Editorial Reviews

image“The most important reference book on the subject of medical cannabis written in the past twenty years.”
Steve DeAngelo, Harborside Medical Center

“A logical, thorough, and meticulously researched approach to cannabinoid integrative health science that is understandable and digestible, making much clearer the role of cannabis in one’s personal health and well-being goals.”
Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD

“The work that went into quantifying cannabis-based studies is a profoundly effective approach for clarifying this complex medical information. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, professional, or somewhere in between, the categorization of hundreds of cases into understandable and actionable articles is an amazing resource.”

David DrakeFounder and CEO of Cannabis Reports

“A true gift and amazing tool for all who are serious about wellness and healing. This book guides you through the process of treating the whole person, with special attention being placed on ways to tend to and support the human endocannabinoid system.”
Heather Manus, RNArizona Cannabis Nurses Association, Founder & President
“Blesching’s meticulous attention to detail makes this my go-to source for updates on a particular health condition treatable with phytocannabinoids. Blesching has created an incredible database in a new generation clinical Cannapedia, guided by his core belief: ‘Consider the possibility that by generating specific emotional content, you are also changing the very chemistry of your body, either fully or partly modulated via the endocannabinoid system. In doing so, we can consciously direct and support the self-healing abilities of our body.’ The Cannabis Health Index is the future of the phytomedicine movement.”

Christian Bogner, MD, FACOG, Founder of Phytoelements

“I was excited to find the Cannabis Health Index, a volume clearly designed to be practical for both clinicians and individuals on a self-healing path, that delivers body-mind-spirit considerations of health essential to cannabinoid medicine.  Readers who consider themselves a student of cannabis and it’s consciousness-altering gifts will resonate with this sensitive yet comprehensive work.” Dustin Sulak, DO, Co-Founder of