How and when did you get involved with cannabis?
I started to appreciate the medicinal properties of cannabis when I spent time with cancer patients using it to reduce the severe adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The difference between those patients using cannabis and those that did not was striking and touched me to the core. And that was the spark that started my journey.

What are some of your values surrounding this plant?
I love the notion that cannabis works for so many different patients suffering from over 100 chronic conditions. Because cannabis affects the body and the mind in such a way as to unblock, balance, and fortify the body’s own capacity for self-healing, I believe cannabis is a precious natural resource as well as a gift to humanity.

Why do you want to teach other people about cannabis?
I have come to believe that for deep healing to take place, and not just the cessation of symptoms, changes need to occur in body, mind, and spirit. Working with cannabis as an ally in healing can be extremely effective if the treatment plan is customized for each patient. This is where objective scientific data and the subjective art of medicine can come together to offer an individualized, integrative cannabinoid-based solution.

What do you want potential ‘students’ to know about you?
I am passionate about educating people about cannabinoid integrative health sciences because the cannabis experience is such a potent tool for healing body, mind, and spirit.

What else about your background would you like share?
I enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I fell in love with the energy and natural beauty of the Bay after coming here for a visit three decades ago. My black Lab Leila and I are grateful to explore the beaches, forests, hills and all that nature has to offer here.

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