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Herbs and spices rich in terpenes and abundant in medicinal properties (many yet to be discovered) have called me to explore exotic plant allies that can only be found in their natural habitat. Take tabernathe iboga for example. It grows only in certain tropical regions of sub-Saharan West-Africa such as Cameroon or Gabon and might provide a cure for hardcore addictions such as heroin for instance. Or, consider the only spice plant in the world that produces two spices at once (nutmeg and mace) which thrives on the Caribbean island of Grenada and is the source material for ecstasy now being examined as a novel drug to treat PTSD. The South of Asia beckons with a plethora of future remedies especially against insidious diseases such as malaria, chagas disease, or leishmaniasis for example. Maca is native only at high altitudes in the Andes and has become a fashionable supplement for virility.

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