Photo by: Leah Marie
Photo by: Leah Marie

UWE BLESCHING, is a medical writer and regular contributor in the fields of the cannabinoid health sciences, mind-body medicine, phytopharmacology, as well as evidence-based illness prevention and treatment protocols. In addition to his life-long passion for Integrative Medicine, his latest book the Cannabis Health Index is informed by Blesching’s rigorous in depth research and twenty years experience in emergency medicine as a Paramedic for the City of San Francisco. He holds a BA in Humanities from the New College of California; an MA in Psychology and a PhD in Higher Education and Social Change from the Western Institute for Social Research.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work on the CHI ! This will help so many patients and their caregivers, plus our efforts here in Missouri to remove the stigma attached to this great plant. One day soon, I would like to meet you. I teach nursing and utilize the Cochran Library as the go to site for health research and current evidenced based practice.

    Patrick Mayfield MSN RN
    Founder of Missouri Cannabis Nurses Association

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for your kind words. Let me know when you’re in the neighborhood perhaps we can meet for coffee.

    1. The Magazine is being moved from the Apple Platform to the website. You can now access the content for free and are now able to share article on social media. Just go to cannabishealthindex.com. When you click on the center icon you will be able to access the research digest where you can review hundreds of studies relevant to over 100 chronic conditions. To access the newest articles on cannabinoids and mind-body-medicine just scroll down and read what interests you. I hope this helps.

    1. Ah, good question. Depending on where you live. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the only place I could find where they sell the spices that contain the highest concentrations of E-beta-caryophyllene is an Ethiopian restaurants and shop in Oakland called Cafe Colucci. It is located at 2805 Telegraph. The wholesaler where the owner gets her spices from is located in a garage somewhere in West-Oakland but I don’t remember the address. So, again, depending where you live try African ethnic food places in your area and ask around. Bring a picture of the spice if you can because sometimes the spices are only known by their ethnic names. Hope this helps and good luck in your search. If you find a good place let us know here and share the information.

    1. Hi Paul,
      the app is now a part of the responsive site under the icon “research digest”. Just click on it and you will see constantly updated, relevant, and rated studies for any and all of the conditions listed in alphabetical order.

  2. Dr. Uwe Blesching

    I currently work at a research collective in LA and is a health and wellness consultant at our collective. I came across your chart of the endocrine system and chakras and the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and 2. I am most intrigued because I don’t ever really hear anyone speak about the lymphatic system unless they are aware it even exists. I myself have found in my research that these link together hand and hand and with this information I am able to help my clients with their symptoms of a backed lymphatic system with cannabis. In your experience do you think the endocannabinoid system is a separate system from the lymphatic system? Or do you believe it is the lymphatic system? I ordered your books today and is looking forward to reading your work. Thank you!

    1. Hi Johnny,
      The lymphatic system is different from the endocannabinoid system. However, a number of components of the lymphatic system contain endocannabinoid receptors (especially CB2) and as such are subject to modulation by ligands (such as THC, CBD, or anandamide for example) that bind with them and as such can produce a number of biological effects.
      Hope this answer helps.
      Thanks for buying my book.
      Be well,

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